All the tricks to make a great coffee at home and beautiful figure with guests

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in IL ROMA on February 24, 2019

It is known that coffee is the most loved drink by the people of the Bel Paese. The cup is sharing, sociability, it is hospitality. At home, coffee is prepared for the family and is offered to guests. In Naples, then, a real homeland of infused black, the preparation of coffee to offer constitutes a ritual act, together with phases aimed at the unequivocal demonstration of the pleasure of being together, of having a chat, in respect due to the guest. In the homes of Neapolitans coffee is always offered to the “visitor”, who, for his part, can not refuse it if not seriously offending the landlord, just as Modugno sings in the song “O Caffeè”.

For the benefit of those who (still!) Do not know how to make a coffee to perfection, according to Neapolitan tradition, like to remember some basic steps to prepare an excellent coffee with moka, the Italian coffee maker par excellence. To this end, five rules have been “codified”, marked by the first five of our alphabet.

A come Water – Who says that the key element of a good coffee is water certainly is not wrong: water is one of the two ingredients along with the coffee powder of the most widespread beverage in the world. The Neapolitan one comes from the crystalline springs of the Serino, in the mountains of Irpinia, already known, appreciated and drunk in the times of the ancient Romans, even today among the best for organoleptic characteristics and purity. The water used must, in short, be fresh and poor in limestone.

B as Edge – The water must be poured up to the safety valve which, therefore, also acts as a level indicator.

C as Cupolina – Some say that the coffee powder must be “pressed” inside the filter, while those who practice three holes in the dust. The Neapolitan tradition suggests pouring the coffee powder so as to form a small dome that, to the Neapolitans far from their city, nostalgically remembers Vesuvius, especially if a coffee made in Naples is used, that is, one of the many Neapolitan roasting machines, with a typical strong and decisive taste.

D how long – The mocha must be put on the stove over a low flame and must never be abandoned. Some people prefer to keep the lid open while cooking, to avoid the accumulation of water vapor could “spoil” the aroma. To avoid getting dirty with the splashes of drops of coffee that come out of the column of the collector, you can place it on the appropriate para squirt or, in the absence, a teaspoon.

And as Espresso – If you observe the rules that precede the coffee made at home will remember the espresso bar. But that is not all!

Coffee should be served with the right features. The Neapolitan tradition recommends turning the coffee into the mocha before pouring it into the cup. This is because the “cream” that forms on the surface in the cup is due precisely to the robust species and that is why the Neapolitan coffee must always be “turned” with the teaspoon in order to mix the surface, more creamy, with the underlying more liquid. The coffee should then be sweetened directly in the mocha. Otherwise it is advisable to accompany unsweetened coffee with an assorted selection of sugars. Finally, the coffee must be served in a porcelain / ceramic cup (better retain the warmth of coffee) and accompanied by the inevitable glass of water (which is used to clean the mouth before enjoying coffee).

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