Il libro

Gran Caffè Gambrinus is the only one of the historic Neapolitan cafes still in operation. In the central Piazza Trieste and Trento, it is today a point of reference also for the social and cultural life of the city. In this volume the story is presented, starting from the so-called “Coffee of the seven doors” of 1860, passing through the golden age of the Belle époque and the sad story of the closure during the twenty years of fascism.

The years of change followed, until 1973, the year of the turning point, when it began with the Sergio family – that of the current owners – the rebirth. The Gambrinus is told as a literary parlor of the city, which describes the works of art that enrich the sales, where illustrious characters have alternated over the years, and to which tables have been composed of famous songs.

The volume – accompanied by numerous photographic images and reproductions of the paintings that can be admired – also focuses on the secrets of Neapolitan coffee, and on the classics of Neapolitan pastries and ice-cream parlors, ending with the narration of a series of tasty anecdotes.

Il curatore

Michele Sergio, born in 1983, Neapolitan doc, was born and grew up in bars and cafés in the center of Naples. Graduated in law and started as a lawyer, he decided instead to support his father at the head of the prestigious Gran Caffè Gambrinus, where he represents the third generation.

Always fascinated by the history of Neapolitan coffee making, today it is involved in promoting it both through the work done in the local history and through television (also with the participation in some columns), ‘Espresso napoletano’ press and web (production of several videos on coffee and articles on his blog).

Among its most important initiatives the rediscovery of the ancient Neapolitan custom of suspended coffee, the candidacy of Neapolitan coffee to UNESCO heritage and the promotion of Neapolitan gourmet coffee.