The Finnish one that consumes the most coffee? No, the record is held by the Neapolitans!

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in Rome on October 13, 2019

According to a recent survey by the International Coffee Organization, the largest consumers of the black drink are the peoples of Northern Europe. The latest estimate tells us that the people who consume the most kilos of coffee a year are Finnish people with around 12 kg per capita. Norway follows with around 10 kg, Iceland with 9, Denmark with 8.7 and Holland with 8.4. High consumption is explained both by the rigidity of the climate and by the type of coffee drunk at those latitudes.

And Italy, considered the homeland of coffee? The Bel Paese is positioned “only” 13th in this special ranking with about 5.8 kg of coffee consumed per capita for Italian.

However, this figure constitutes the national average because it varies considerably from region to region and the Italian city that consumes the most coffee is, needless to say, Naples!

In the capital of Campania there is the highest density of roasting and coffee shops on the peninsula. This is because the Neapolitans love coffee. An Neapolitan drinks on average 5 cups a day. Considering again that almost all the Neapolitans drink mainly coffee in a cup both at the bar and at home (and almost nobody, therefore, coffee infusions or coffee with filter extraction, the so-called American coffee, which could change the estimate of the our counts) the calculation is very simple: each cup contains about 7 grams of coffee powder (in addition to about 30 cl of water) which, multiplied 5 times a day, make about 35 grams a day. Coffee is a habit and is drunk every day. So 35 grams of coffee for 365 days we arrive at 12.775 kg of coffee per year per capita. And we kept down because we didn’t consider the coffee contained in sweets, ice creams, liqueurs and chocolates that should also be calculated.

So we can say, without fear of denial, that the people who consume the most coffee are Neapolitans with over 13 kg of coffee per year per capita. And really there was no doubt: the Neapolitans literally love coffee.

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